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Do you think you can tell heaven from hell - Dismantled [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Do you think you can tell heaven from hell [Mar. 13th, 2006|12:08 am]
[music |pink floyd]

Ive felt everything i had
Slip threw my fingers
And im sick of the same old rat race to no where
I dont know
I cant believe in anymore then this
Someimes I just want to be intoxicated all the time
to numb myself to the loss
Of everyday life.
of everyday lies
Of all the bull shit
I cant take it
And im condemend for the person i am.
When everyone takes away my chances for happyness.
cus my idea of happyness doesnt quite fix theres.
BE happy you took that away from me.
Maybe youll remember how much it hurt when you look back
when theres no going back
Maybe then youll see maybe then youll see what i cant ever say.

theres no one there when your down
Only the highs and in betweens.
thats all they want to stay for
well the curtin has fallen
the show is over
And i lost my only friend
the show doesnt have anything left to offer them anymore
maybe i wanted to believe they wanted to see me
instead of the bright burning lights
i stood on that stage as long as i could
just to watch those lights shine threw me
on to someone else
now i walk
Go on
Walk right threw me.
I expected it was them
but never you

Learn to let go those you love the most.
Nothing lasts forever my friend.
And this sure feels like the end.