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teenie62's Journal

activism, afi, alkaline trio, angelina jolie, animal rights, animals, anti-poverty, antique furniture, art, artistic nudity, artistic people, beauty, being a vegatarian, being a women, being an emo baby, being loved, being oh so sexy, bernadette, big fish, big hearted people, black eye shadow, black hair, black holes, boots, boys correction;men, brand new, brazil, burlesque, chevelle, chocolate, classical, compassion, compassionate people, complexed people, concerts, creativity, dannie, david bowie, depechemode, distillers, down to earth people, dresden dolls, drums, duality, ellen, equality, expression, fantasy, feeling good, feeling sexy, feminine mohawks, fun people, giving, good times, good vitemins, h2o, harry potter, having green eyes, helping, him, hot sexy bitches, human beings, human rights, humanitarians, infp's, innocents, jonathan product, joy division, justice, kevin aucoin, kitties, knives, lingerie, listing to music, long hair, long nails, love, loving people, mac makeup, makeup, makeup in genral, making jokes, men good men, metal mulisha, mike jones, minor threat, morning star farms products, mrs capone, music, my cats, my dog, my grammy, my guitar, nin, nirvana, non shit talking people, non women haters, oasis, old school music, opened minds, outerspace, outkast, over comming my past, people that dont suck, philanthropists, photography, piercings, placebo, playing my guitar, positive change, punk, puppies, rap, rock, rockin out, rockin roll mate!, saying fuck, sexuality, shows, sick of it all, silverstein, social distortion, star gazing, strong women, taking back sunday, talking in accents, the clash, the cure, the ocean, the roots, the simpsons, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, the star wars series, the strenth women have, the unsceen, the used, thigh high stockings, thrice, veggies, victoria secret, vodka, women, women love, women lovers, women women women, womens bodies & minds, womens rights, writing in this thing, your mom.